Austrian Holidays

Austrian Holidays

Ski resorts in Austria are almost always immaculate and charming and Austria is king of the hill for après ski. The passion for skiing in Austria is unmatched anywhere, and there is alays a great sense of tradition in many of the Austrian resorts.  Austria is renowned for its picturesque resorts, warm welcomes and high levels of service.

Whatever your level of skiing, there is something for everyone in Austria.  Whether you are looking for a family friendly resort, with chalets close to the slopes, or are seeking somewhere to let your hair down and party, there is a resort that will suit you.  The most well known ski area in Austria is the Arlberg ski area which incorporates St. Anton, St. Christoph, Lech and Zurs and provides some superb skiing as well as the legendary apres-ski of St. Anton.

Austria is where the first ever ski school was opened, and the sense of tradition is instilled in every instructor, who are more than likely to have been taught by their fathers who would have been instructors, and their fathers in turn would also have been instructors.  This sense of tradition also rubs off in the great mountain restaurants, which are often traditional wooden piste side structures, serving dishes such as Speckknödel and Kässpätzle.

Best of all, value for money in Austrian ski holiday resorts is as good as it gets in the Alps.

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