At Summit Retreats, we are proud to be supporting the great work carried out by Disability Snowsports UK.

With every booking made, a small percentage of our profits goes directly to this charity, and we also have a number of events in the planning, which will raise money for this great charity as well.

Disability Snowsport UK works to make sure that anyone with a disability can ski or snowboard alongside other people.

At the heart of the charities plans is their desire to increase opportunities, fitness, mobility, freedom, social interaction, independence and skill of people with disabilities, and to identify and nurture the abilities of young potential athletes.

A disabled person chooses both freedom and independence when they snap into bindings or transfer from a wheelchair to a sit ski. They also make a choice to actively access adventure, a choice that is made possible by the work of Disability Snowsport UK.

They seek to help individuals or groups to improve their quality of life and transfer the benefits gained from taking part in Snowsport into their everyday life.

They welcome anyone of any levels of skiing and fitness, and cater for complete novices to snowsports all the way to experienced Armed Forces men and women for example.

You can donate to Disability Snowsport UK, by clicking here

To get involved and find out more, contact Disability Snowsport UK on 01479 861 272, or visit

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