Swiss Holidays

Swiss Holidays

With peaks like the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa, and the Eiger, it is little wonder that Switzerland has a reputation for being the quintessential chocolate box picture of the Alps.

There is a certain romance surrounding the peaks of Switzerland, and the history that resonates therein, from the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whimper in 1865, to the first ever ski slalom races organised by Arnold Lunn in 1922, the stories conjure a great sense of alpine adventure.

Despite the sport of skiing really being developed in Switzerland in the 20’s and 30’s, today, the country boasts some of the most efficient lift systems in the world, whilst maintaining the charm with cog railways still running in places such as Zermatt.

Switzerland, most notably Zermatt, has some of the best mountain restaurants in the world, offering a great selection of food and wine, unmatched anywhere else in the Alps.

The Swiss understand only too well the point of apres-ski fun. The bars and restaurants in most major resorts are lively and packed from late afternoon until early morning.

Despite general regard, Switzerland is not an especially expensive place in which to ski. Many of the smartest ski hotels in France actually charge more than their Swiss counterparts.  In terms of value for money, Switzerland is a match for anywhere in the Alps.

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